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Week 1

This week we began looking at 'Letter Families' (letters that begin at the same starting point). We started with 'Curly Caterpillar letters'.


Please see below the different 'Letter Families' and a PowerPoint to support letter formation. It shows you the starting and end point of each letter.


Children need to have lots of practical experience to support forming letters correctly. Here are a few practical ideas that you can try at home 


Letter formation

  • Using play dough to roll a 'thin sausage' and then manipulate to form each letter.
  • Using shaving foam on a tray (it can be quite messy but the children love it!) and using their finger to form each letter. You could also do this in sand, glitter or mud!
  • Use a lightly coloured felt tip or pencil, write something and then get your child to trace over it. 
  • Using chalk out in the garden.
  • Paint brush and water - form letters all around the garden path and walls (no mess, it is just water!)
Below is a video on how to form capital letters. Great way to get the children moving but also thinking about how they would form a capital letter.
I have attached some worksheets below to support letter formation if you want to print them, however, I strongly recommend lots of practical experiences before using a pencil.