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Week 10 - beg 15/6/20



Look at the powerpoint and work your way through the activities on similes.  You don't need to print anything, you can write the examples in your workbooks.



Read a comprehension about Roald Dahl provided and answer the related questions.  There is a choice of 3 comprehensions to read, choose the one you feel comfortable with and answer the questions. Write the answers to the questions in your work book.

Read the description of Mr Twit.  The hair on his face is described as, "It grew out in spikes that stuck out straight like the bristles of a nailbrush."


...spikes that stuck out like the bristles of a nail brush.   This is an example of a simile.  Can you think of any more similes that describe Mr Twit?

Using the above template as a guide, create your own dictionary of words that can be used in descriptions of Mr Twit.  Write your own definitions for what each word means.


Re read the extract that describes Mr Twit and remind yourself of the similes you created to describe him.  Use that information to write your own descriptive paragraph about Mr Twit.  Ensure that you use capital letters and full stops correctly.  Your paragraph can be as revolting as you like!

Spellings - week beg 15/6/20