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Week 11 - beg 22/6/20

Monday - Correct the Spellings

Choose 2 pages of sentences and correct the spellings in the sentences.  Rewrite the sentences on paper or in your books.



Watch the short film below, Something Fishy.

Something Fishy

Still image for this video

After you have watched 'Something Fishy', write a list of questions that you may have about the film and the characters in the film.

For example, who is the girl? 

You should be able to come up with around 10 questions.  Some of your questions you may not be able to find out the answer to from watching the film, you may have to think of your own answers!



Using a template like the one below (you can copy it in to your books), complete expanded noun phrases about the different objects or creatures that appear in Something Fishy.  Remember that expanded noun phrases are sentences that contain at least 2 adjectives to describe a noun.  When you have described the objects and creatures then think of verbs that tell us about the actions of them.  Verbs are 'doing' words.  Look at the example given below to start you off.  Don't worry if you can't fill all of the boxes.  Try to do at least 4 examples.




Today we are going to write about the setting of the film.  The setting is where the story takes place, in this case inside a washing machine in an under the sea world.  Watch the film again to make sure you have a good understanding of what the setting looks like.

Use the expanded nouns phrases and verbs that you wrote yesterday and put them into a more detailed piece of writing describing the setting.  You can be as creative imaginative as you wish and challenge your self to use some really engaging language to excite the reader.  You are going to write it as if it is a place that you have visited.

It could look like this...


The underwater world was amazing.  In the distance, tall, towering seaweed stood as still as soldiers.  The sock fish swam through the crystal, clear water.


In the above 3 sentences there is a simile, 2 expanded noun phrases and 2 verbs. All the things we have been practising.  You can use some of these ideas to help you out and then think of some of your own too.  

We love to see your writing so keep sending it to us!





We are going to create a story mountain today.  A story mountain is similar to a story plan but with a story mountain there is usually a dilemma or problem at the top of the mountain.  Use the story mountain below as a prompt to create your own story mountain based on 'Something Fishy'.  You probably need 2 or 3 sentences in each section of the story mountain explaining what is happening in the story.  There are some questions below to help you to think about what happens.


The opening - this is the start of the story.  Where does it happen?  Who is there?  What is the first thing she does?


The build up - this is the part of the story that begins to explain what is happening.  Where does she find herself?  What can she see?


The dilemma - this is a problem that occurs in the story.  What happens? 


The resolution - this is where the problem begins to be solved.  What does she do?  Where does she go?


The closing - this is the end of the story.  How does it end?  Is she safe?  Who does she see at the end of the story?


Re-watch the film and pause it at each point on the story mountain to help you to complete the writing.  You don't need to print the story mountain, it is just an example for you follow.  You might want to use a big sheet of paper to draw out your mountain and add your text to it.  You can illustrate your story mountain with images from the film.

Send us some pictures of your story mountains.

Spellings - week beg 22/6/20