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Week 13 - beg 6/7/20

Work your way through the power point on apostrophes for contraction.  You can write the examples in your book.
Watch the alliteration power point to understand what alliteration is.  Complete the sheet below, thinking of alliterative descriptions for parts of the owl.  If you can't print the sheet, why not draw your own owl and label it with alliterative descriptions.

Wednesday - Tongue Twisters


Follow the link below and explore the tongue twisters.  Click on a different letter each time to find all of the tongue twisters.

Write your own Tongue Twister


Thinking about the tongue twisters, try to write your own.  Remember that lots of the words in a tongue twister sentence start with the same letter.  Try using the first letter of your name to create your own tongue twister.  Here are some examples for you:


Dizzy Daisy digs and dances dangerously.

Happy Harry hears hedgehogs hopping home.


When you have written one using your name, try it for other members of your family.

Thursday - Poems

Follow the links below and explore some poems.  Find your favourite, copy it out and write a short explanation as to why you like that poem.  You might already have a favourite poem in a book at home that you want to use.



Today you are going to have a go at writing your own poem.  Below is an example of a poem 'In the Giant's Rucksack'.  Read the poem, noting some of the silly, made up words in the poem.

The Giant's Rucksack

Use the template below to write your own poem about 'In the Giant's Rucksack'.  Fill in the first space describing what is in your rucksack, then complete the next space explaining what you use that item for.  The uses for your items can be as silly and crazy as you like!  Do this for 4 different items in your rucksack.  When you have filled in all of the spaces you will have your own silly poem.

Spellings - week beg 6/7/20