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Week 14 - beg 13//7/20

This week we would like you to start thinking about school in September and introducing yourself to your new teacher.  Throughout the week, we would like you to collect information about yourself and by the end of the week present it in a letter to your new teacher.  Each day, there will be a different task to help you to do this.  On Friday, we would like you to send us your finished letter.  You can send it by post or by email and we will pass it on to your next teacher.



Today is all about you!  Use the prompts to share information about yourself.  You don't have to write full sentences today but keep in mind how you would put the information into full sentences within a letter.

All about you



Have a look at the Powerpoint all about letter writing.  

Use the checklist below and make notes for each of the sections to show how you are going to include the appropriate information in your letter.  You can print it out if you are able to, otherwise make notes in your book.

Checklist for writing a letter



Today you are going to have a go at writing your letter.  Use the information you have collected over the last 2 days and put it into a letter to your next teacher.


You could use one of the templates provided to start you off but your final piece needs to be written without a template.


Try to put the information into paragraphs so it's not one long piece of text. Write your letter, re read it and then see if you can edit and improve your letter using better vocabulary.




Your job today is to write up your letter, however you choose to do it, either by typing or handwriting it.  We would like you to illustrate you letter with pictures and make it as appealing as possible.  Your letter should show us what you are like as a person.  When you have finished your letter, send it to us, either to school in the post or by email!

Spellings - week beg 13/7/20