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Week 2

This week we will be using our phonic knowledge to read words and make a sentence. I have attached two worksheets below  (Monday and Tuesday) - you do not need to print them out but you can if you like. Have a look at the jumbled up sentence and see if you can sort out the words so the sentence make sense.

*Remember a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.*

  • Can you sort the sentence?
  • Can you write out the corrected sentence now?
  • Can you draw a picture to match the sentence?
  • Do this for both sentences. 


Today we will be looking at the digraph ai.

Watch the YouTube video first and then have a go at the worksheet (again it doesn't need to be printed), you could practise forming your letters and writing each word on a piece of paper.

Can you write each word?


Today we are looking at another digraph 'ee'. Like yesterday, watch the video clip first then practise writing each word.

Can you write each word?


Write a simple sentence.

Use the sounds ai and ee in some of your words.

You could make the words in playdough, use chalk or use a pencil to write a sentence.




I can feel rain.