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30th March

Monday         ICT - Complete one of the 2Do tasks on Purple Mash.


Tuesday        SCIENCE - Click on this week's Science activity.


Wednesday   RE - look at the BBC page above: WHAT IS EASTER?

Draw an image and write a sentence explaining what Christians believe happened on the days of Holy Week. 

(Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday)


Thursday      HISTORY:

ROMAN HOUSES - Find out about Roman houses. (see power point below). Which house would you have liked to live in and why? Write a short paragraph. Now compare your house to the Roman houses you have read about. How are they different/the same?


Friday       ROMAN FOOD/BANQUET - What food did they eat? How did they eat? Where/how did they sit? What did they drink? What would they do if they ate too much?

Plan and design a menu for your own Roman banquet. Maybe you could have your own Roman banquet at home.

There are some ideas below: