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Week 2 - 30th March


LOG ON TO SPELLING SHED and copy down this week's words - they should be Challenge words from the Y3 word list.  Practise using look, cover, write and check then put each word into a sentence.  Remember - neat, joined handwriting.

Ask someone to test you on suffix -ly words from last week.

Picture 1

READ  'Diary of a Lively Labrador'.


TUESDAY - Read the 3 diary extracts.  Choose 1 extract and answer the questions.


WEDNESDAY - Read the information cards about ADVERBS; complete the adverb activity.


Circle the speech marks and highlight the direct speech.

Re-write your speech bubbles from yesterday as punctuated dialogue.


Write a diary entry for the day as if you were the postwoman (or one of the other characters).

Think about what she might write about -  meeting the dog, who she delivers letters to and who she might chat to, for example, delivering a birthday card and present to the girl next door.