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Week 4 - beg 27/4/20

Monday - Grammar Lesson - Subordination

Open the powerpoint presentation as a slide show and follow the activities.  Try not to move on too quickly as you will see the answers before you have had a go!
Tuesday - The Owl Babies - Describe the Characters

Follow the link below and watch the retelling of The Owl Babies or if you have the book, read the story yourself.

Draw pictures of the characters and describe them using interesting adjectives.  You can describe what they look like but also what their personalities are like.  You can write sentences to describe them or you can annotate (label) your pictures.



Watch the telling of the Owl Babies again and draw a story map to show the events in the story.  You must make sure your pictures for your story map are drawn in the correct order.  You can use arrows in between the pictures to show the direction the story goes in.  Think back to the story map we drew for 'Giraffes Can't Dance', it may help you.  There is a story map example for you to look at below, just in case you have forgotten what a story map looks like.



Using your story map, pick 6 main events from the story and write a sentence about each event.  Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and finish with a full stop. You can number your sentences.  Here is an example of a sentence you could use for the first event to start you off:


1.  The Owl Babies woke up one night to find that their mother was gone.


Now choose 5 more events to write sentences about.



Rewrite the story of the Owl Babies.  You should write the story as if you have heard it and are retelling it.  You are NOT one of the characters in the story.  Use your story map and main events as ideas but try to make the sentences and ideas even better.  You should use expanded noun phrases (for example, the graceful, brown owl), subordination from the grammar lesson on Monday and capital letters and full stops correctly.  Perhaps you could use your IT skills and type up your story.  We would love to read the stories that you write so send them to us!

Spellings - week beg 27/4/20