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Week 5 - beg 4/5/20

Monday - Grammar Lesson - a or an

Please don't feel that the Grammar sheets need to be printed out.  The words and sentences can be written in a book or on paper.  Choose the amount of activities to do, ensuring that the workload is manageable.

Tuesday - Owl MInd Map

Create a mind map all about Owls.  What do you already know?  Try to only use your existing knowledge.  You can check your facts tomorrow.
For today's work we would like you to collect lots of interesting information about owls.  You can now check you facts from yesterday!  Use the documents above to help you and do your own research on the internet.  Make lots of notes and keep them for tomorrow.

Thursday - Write a Non Chronological Report about Owls

Using your information that you collected yesterday, write a non chronological report about Owls.  There are some examples about other animals, above, for you to look at.  Remember to think about how you lay your report out.  Can you include some pictures?  Your report will need a heading and some sub-headings.  Can you include a 'Did you know' fact?

Spellings week beg 4/5/20