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Week 7 - beg 18/5/20

Complete the grammar work.  You shouldn't need to print the sheets.  The work can be copied into your books or on to paper.



Research planets in the solar system.  Make notes and write sentences that describe the planets.  See if you can find some really interesting facts.  Tomorrow you will be designing your own planet, you can use some the information you have found today to help you with your own planet.

Use the information that you found yesterday to help you design your own planet.  You can use the sheet provided for ideas or create your own layout in your work book.  Your design can be based on a real planet or a fantasy planet.  Use your imagination!



Using your planet plan that you have designed, write a description of your planet.  Your adjective work from the beginning of the week will help you.  See if you can use a variety of expanded noun phrases in your writing.  Don't forget capital letters and full stops.

Spellings - week beg 18/5/20