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Week 8 - beg 1/6/20

Copy the text from the sheets into your books, correcting each sentence.
Use the monster picture and describe it using as many interesting adjectives as you can.  You can use the adjectives suggested or see if you can think of your own.

Wednesday - The Way Back Home.


Follow the link and watch the video of a little boy who builds himself a rocket and blasts off into space.

When you have watched the short video, draw a story map detailing the main parts of the story.  You can annotate the story map with key words and speech bubbles.  The story map idea below will remind you of what a story map should look like.

Thursday - Story plan - main parts

Use a layout like the one above and take the 6 main parts of your story map.  In each box write simple sentences to explain each main event.  In this piece of work you don't need a lot of description, just a outline of what happens.  Don't forget to use capital letters,full stops and exclamation marks, where appropriate.

Friday - Rewrite the story


Using your story map and plan from yesterday, rewrite the story of 'Way Back Home'.  This time you need to include lots of detail and lots of interesting adjectives to make your re-telling more engaging.  Make sure that you are using correct punctuation and use a dictionary to check your spellings.  Remember that your story should have a clear beginning, middle and ending.  Think about the types of sentences you corrected in the grammar work on Monday.  Can you use any of the sentence types in your writing?

Spellings - week beg 1/6/20