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Week 9 - beg 8/6/20

Work your way through the expanded noun phrases power point.  You don't need to print anything out, just write examples in your book or on paper.



Use the image below as a prompt and list as many nouns as you can see in it.  When you have listed nouns, then list adjectives that could describe those nouns.  You should end up with two lists of words in your book.

In the Woods



Using your noun and adjective lists from yesterday.  Write some simple sentences about the image, containing an expanded noun phrase.

For example:


The bright, dazzling sunlight.


Don't forget to start with a capital letter and a fullstop.

Use this word list for a few ideas.



Revisit the image above.  Close your eyes and use your imagination.  If you were there in the woods, what would you be able to see?  What would you be able to hear?  What would you be able to smell?  What would you be able to feel?  How would you feel?


Write a couple of sentences for each of the above questions.  Use your noun and adjectives ideas and try to include some expanded noun phrases in your sentences.


Examples might be:


I can feel the dry, crunchy leaves and twigs beneath my feet.

I can see the sunlight shining through the tall, thin trees.



Today you are really going to have to use your imagination!  Bring together all the ideas you have collected over the last couple of days.  Try to imagine you have woken up one morning and found yourself in the woods.  You are just coming out of the tent and the image above is the scene that greets you.  Write a short narrative about what you see, hear, feel etc.  Use your sentences from yesterday but see if you can improve them to make it a really interesting piece of writing.  Think about starting your sentences in different ways and don't forget capital letters and full stops.


This story starter might help you...


Carefully, I unzipped the tent and peered out into the vast, green woods...


you can continue from here!  Send us your writing, we would love to see it.




Spellings - week beg 8/6/20