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Week Beginning: 23/3/20

New Spellings

Here's your new spelling list. No spelling rule this week, just tricky words to learn and remember. Ask yourself: What is the tricky bit? How can I remember the tricky bit? These should be available on Spelling Shed to practise. 

(Mrs Marsh's group....spellings will come be uploaded to spelling shed by the end of the day!) 


Go to Pobble 365 each day and discover a new picture to inspire your writing. Complete the 'Story Starter' activity each day and choose one other activity related to this picture. Record your work in your Home Learning Workbook. We look forward to reading the writing that you produce - be creative and let your imagination run wild! 


Your daily Maths lessons can be found by following the link below. Each day there is a short video to watch and a worksheet to complete. You do not need to print this sheet out, you can record the answers in your Home Learning Workbook. There are also answers available. Use these to check your work with an adult after you have completed it. 


Remember you can use objects or draw pictures to help if you need to. It might help to create your self a place value grid...could you find objects around the house to represent tenths and hundredths counters? 

Complete the first page of your Arithmetic Booklet (Section 2: Test 1) 


Complete the questions on the first page of your Reading Comprehension Booklet: 
'The Alien Times: UFO Sighting' 


This week's art project is based on the illustrations from the book 'Wonder' by R. J. Palacio. Throughout the book there are portraits of each different character, drawn in the same simple style. What do you notice about the portraits? What do they all have in common? 


Can you create a portrait of your self in the same style? What word will you write above your eye? It could be your name or a word that you think sums up your personality. Perhaps you could fill the space around your picture with words that describe you, like in the examples below. 


Email me your finished work and we'll add the photos to a class gallery on the website! 

Science - Seed Dispersal

Watch the video clip below (What is pollination) - it contains our favourite song about plant pollination!! Listen out for all the different ways that seeds can be dispersed (spread) to create new plants.


On Purple Mash I have set you a 2do activity to create a poster about the different methods of seed dispersal. 


Look at the plants below. Do you think they would be pollinated by insects, wind or another method? Why do you think that? 

Go for a walk or look in your garden. What different types of plant can you find?