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Week Beginning 23/3/20



For the first week, I have decided to recap work you have been doing on ratio.  Ratio is brand new in Year 6, and takes a bit of getting used to, so it worth going over it one more time.  There might be some parts you find a bit easy because you've just done it, but that will help you to get settled into this new way of doing your work at home.


Each day, watch the video explanation, and then complete the worksheet in your book.  If you can print off the sheet, that is great, but if not just draw out the questions.  A bit of art practice!


I will put up the answers for you as soon as they have been published.


Remember, you can ask for help on the contact form or using the class blog!


Day Video Link and task Answers

Lesson 1 - using ratio language



Lesson 2 - Ratio and fractions



Lesson 3 - Introducing the ratio symbol



Lesson 4 - Calculating ratio



Lesson 5 - Using scale factors






I thought it would be nice to do some work on Harry Potter, as I know many of you are fans!  This week, we will focus our work on the character of Hagrid, and a key part of the first Harry Potter book, where Harry meets Hagrid for the first time.  Each day there will be a task to complete in your book, and we will have a discussion thread about Hagrid on the class blog on Thursday.  


For your writing task on Friday, you have three choices:

- write this in your work book

- post it on the class blog thread that I will make

- email it to me for feedback.  Any writing that is emailed to me will get feedback in response.  I would LOVE to read some of your writing!  You can email me by using the contact form, or sending it to me at


Day Task
Monday Comprehension Task A - see below
Tuesday Comprehension Task B - see below
Wednesday Comprehension Task C - see below

Watch the following clip:


1.  Make a list of similarities and differences between the novel and movie versions of the same scene.

2.  Which version do you prefer?  Why?

You can do this in your workbook, and then share your ideas on our class blog!


Write a short story about a giant coming to your house.  

- why has the giant come?

- what is the giant like?  How can you SHOW their personality to the reader?

- what might the giant say?  How might he/she talk?


You can:

- write this in your workbook

- post it on the class blog thread

- email it to Mr Wells for feedback


Wider Curriculum


Below are 5 tasks, all of which I would like you to do this week.  It is up to you which task you do each day.





Read the powerpoint file below on Mayan Writing.  Then, complete one of the comprehension tasks; there are three different levels of difficulty for you to choose from (1 star is easiest, 3 stars is hardest).



Watch the following video on French family vocabulary.  It's presented by a guy called JINGLE JEFF, he is going to teach you French in a Liverpool accent.  You are going to LOVE JINGLE JEFF!


You can then try out your vocabulary in this quiz:



Look at the following presentation.  Use the arrows to navigate it:


I would like you to continue the work you have been doing in school on designing Mayan masks.  Lots of design ideas can be found on Google.


Have a go at designing your own kind of mask!  You could do an Event Mask, Battle Mask or Death Mask.  Use any materials you like!



Update your blog on Mayans to include Mayan writing.  Some of you will need to start your own blog if you have been working on this with a partner.



Your spellings for this week are words ending -ibly.  These are all adverbs.  They are available to practise on spelling shed.