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Week Beginning 30/3/20



Are you read for a trip to Diagon Alley?



Monday 30th March Imagine a weird and wonderful wizard sweet shop!  What kind of strange and delicious treats might they sell?  Write a list of 10 things that might be sold in a magical sweet shop, using expanded noun phrases.  (See sheet below)
Tuesday 31st March

Watch a clip from Diagon Alley here:

Imagine you were going to Hogwarts.  You would need to go shopping in Diagon Alley first to get the essential items needed for any school of Wizardry and Witchcraft. 

What might those items be? 

Write a list of 10 items you would need to buy, using expanded noun phrases in each item, and also have a go at making your own hyphenated words to describe these weird and wonderful items.  Post your best ones on the blog!


Eg  An intricately-woven, obsidian-black cloak with a hood.

Frog-bite cream made from a witch’s wart.

Mahogany broomstick wax.

Ham-and-hamster-flavoured owl treats.


Today only – Diagon Alley has a sale on all magical items!


Watch and listen to the adverts at these links.  What kind of language is used to entice people to buy their product / from their sale?


Your task today is to create an advert advertising the sale in one of the shops!  You can do this as:

  • A piece of writing (for example, a script for a radio advert)
  • A radio advert that you record
  • A poster
  • A video advert that you have written the script for / recorded
  • Any other clever way you can think of!


Things you will need to think about:

  • What is your shop?  (sweets?  food?  School supplies?  clothes?  wands?  potions?)
  • What items are on sale?
  • How can you use expanded noun phrases to make the items sound appealing?
  • What language will entice people in your shop/sale?



You can email me your adverts (photos, text files, videos etc) and I will put any that I get on our website for you all to enjoy!

Thursday 2nd April

Watch the clip of Harry going to the bank in Diagon Alley – which is called Gringotts – for the first time:


Complete the sentences on the sheet below by adding relative clauses (ENGLISH LESSON 4)

Friday 3rd April

Watch the clip of Harry going to the bank in Diagon Alley – which is called Gringotts – for the first time:


Today you will be writing this scene as a story.


Skills to practise:


  • Using expanded noun phrases to describe the bank, the creatures working in it, the dark vaults beneath the bank etc.
  • Using relative clauses to add detail.
  • Using informal speech to show Hagrid’s character.
  • Building suspense – particularly at the end to make the reader curious about what is in the mysterious package.  (If you already know, you could try some foreshadowing to give the reader clues about what it might be…)


You can:

  • Write your story in your book.
  • Type your story on the computer and then add all of it – or some of it – as a comment on the blog.
  • Type your story and then email it to me.  Any writing emailed to me will get a reply with feedback.  Writing emailed to me will be put on the website for everyone to enjoy!




The video for each lesson can be found at this link:

You can also find the sheets and answers there, or in the table below.


On Wednesday, you will be able to do Questions 1 and 2 without a protractor, but you will need a protractor for the others (I did recommend you take one home).  If you don't have a protractor at home, you could instead practise using one in this online game instead of doing the task:


There is also a bonus problem solving activity beneath the table.  I think some of you would really enjoy doing this, as it is a bit like solving a crime!



Maths extra problem solving challenge!

Wider Curriculum


Choose one of the following tasks to complete each day:




This week we are learning about the role of food in the Mayan civilisation!  There is a Powerpoint document below for you to look at with lots of information.


TASK 1:  Choose EITHER the Mayan Food Sorting Task (easier) or the Mayan Food Research Task.

Task 2:  If you have the ingredients, why not try making Mayan Hot Chocolate!  You will need to do this with an adult as it requires boiling milk.  Photos of hot chocolate tasting reactions are welcomed (I'll be trying it myself...rumour has it that it's not very nice...)



At this link you will find an e-Book called 'The Story of Easter'.  You will need a Twinkl account (I think) to download it (Twinkl is free at the moment).

(I have downloaded the file but it is too large to put on here!)


If you can't download it, there is a version of the Easter story on Youtube here:


Your task is to imagine you were a newspaper reporter at the time, and write a newspaper article to summarise the story.


You can do this on paper or using Microsoft word.  Please send them to me and I can put them on our webpage for you to enjoy together!  Don't forget to get quotes for the article from people in your family!


Below you will find a planning sheet and language features checklist, which may be useful but are not essential.



It would be nice to do something creative for Easter.  How about some Pop Art?  Below are some ideas for Pop Art-inspired Easter art/crafts.  Have a look!  Depending on what resources you have at home, you could do this anyway you like!  Photos of your creations are a must!


Have a look below at some examples to get you inspired:



Continue your Mayan blog to include an entry on Mayan Food.  You will need to do the history lesson before you can do this.






Your spellings this week are pairs of words where the adjective (ending ____ent) can be changed to a noun (ending ___ence).


Practise your spellings on SpellingShed in preparation for our LIVE Hive Game at 10:00 on Friday morning!