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Week Beginning: 30/3/20

New Spellings

This week's spellings are homophones or near homophones. They sound the same (or similar) but are spelt differently. Click on the link below to see this week's spelling list. Copy out each sentence and choose the correct homophone to fill the gap. 


Monday: Read the 'Signor Scorchini extract' from The Firework Maker's Daughter.  (Link below)
Use the key information in bold to create a picture of Signor Scorchini's firework display. You could do this in your sketchbook, on Purple Mash, paint or collage - you choose!
Label your picture with quotes from the text. 

Read the 'Colonel Sparkington extract' from The Firework Maker's Daughter. (Link below)
Choose the key bits of information yourself to help you draw/paint Colonel Sparkinton's firework display. Remember to label your picture with quotes from the text. 


Look at the image below. Make a list of powerful adjectives to describe the fireworks.

Use an online thesaurus to help find interesting words. Use your sense - describe sights, sounds, smells and feelings. 

Put your words into a short paragraph to describe the image. 
Challenge: Can you include hyphenated adjectives? (eg: multi-coloured, star-shaped)


Onomatopoeia - a word that imitates a sound (Eg: Buzz, Crash)
Make a list of powerful onomatopoeia words you could use to describe fireworks. 

Use them in sentences. 


Follow this link for instructions about how to write a Firework Poem including powerful adjectives, similes and onomatopoeia.

Write your own Firework Poem.
You can do this in your Home Learning Workbook or use '2write' on Purple Mash so that you can send it straight to me. 



Complete 'Section 2 Test 2' of your Arithmetic Booklet.


Complete the 'Whodunnit' comprehension in your Reading Booklet. 


Keep up with those 4 weekly reads (at least!) I will start a thread on our Class Blog where we can discuss what we have been reading and reccommed books to others. 

Afternoon Activities

A selection of activities for you to work on throughout the week. It's up to you which ones you complete and in what order, although I would like everyone to have a go at the history work please. 

  • Science - Make a firework in a glass
  • RE - The link below contains lots of great ideas for fun, hands-on, creative activities to get you thinking about the Easter Story. Most activities use things you can find around your house.