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Weekly Wonderful Word

Weekly Wonderful Word

Starting this week, we are going to have a 'Weekly Wonderful Word', every week.  Each week on this page you will find a word for the week and your job is to see if you can use this word correctly, in your writing, throughout the week.


The words might be words that you are familiar with or they might be words you have never heard before.  There will always be a definition of the word accompanying the word to use.  We want to work hard on increasing our vocabulary and understanding and using more uncommon, challenging words.


The word for this week is :





Definition : Astonished means to feel very surprised by something.  It is a verb.


Can you put this word in to a sentence?  Here is an example:


The parents were astonished when the children tidied their toys away without being asked.


To start with this week, we would like you to think of appropriate sentences that you can use the word 'astonished' in.  Then, at the end of the week, when you write your instructions for feeding a dragon, see if you can fit 'astonished' in to the instructions.


We can't wait to hear all of your examples!  Good luck!