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Parsley Mimblewood Saves the World!

We seem to have been at home now for quite a long time and I don't know about you but I think I'm starting to get 'Cabin Fever'!  This week's English is based on a book called 'How to NOT go to school'. This brilliant story was originally written by a teacher to help his class during the school closures. It has now been published online for all of us to read! It gives some great advice about how to cope at home without going too crazy!



Follow the link below to find everything you need for this week's lessons. 


Lesson 1 - Exploring the world of Parsley Mimblewood

Read/watch chapter 1 and answer the questions on the slides in your book. 


Lesson 2 - Summarising information

Read/watch chapter 2 and answer the questions in your book. 


Create a poster about 'How to look after your grown up!' using ideas from the text.


Lesson 3 - Create an amusing imaginary friend

Read/watch chapter 3 and answer the questions in your book.


Imagine, draw and describe your imaginary friend. Write at least a paragraph to describe them. In your writing I would like to see: 


- Expanded noun phrases

- Relative clauses (who, which, that, where)

-Brackets for extra detail

Challenge: Possessive apostrophes! 

See the 'writing support sheets' tab below for help with these objectives if you are stuck.


Lesson 4 - Read and understand a text

Read/watch chapter 4.


Answer the comprehension questions in your book.


It's up to you whether you complete the 'Extra task' on the slides.


Lesson 5 - Exploring Feelings and Emotions

This fits really well with the PSHE task I have set you this week. 


Read/watch chapter 5 and answer the questions in your book. 

Make your own feelings stones!


Chapter 6 extra challenge!


On the last page of the book, Parsley Mimblewood makes a list of cool projects she wants to complete at home.What would be on your list? Write your own list and send them into me - I'd love to see what crazy ideas you come up with!