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Grammar Focus Week

This week we will looking at improving simple sentences to make them more interesting and detailed.
Each day we will look at a different skill to improve the simple sentences below: 


(If you find Wednesday and Thursday's work tricky, check out the 'Writing Support' tab at the bottom of the page for extra help.)

Monday - Compound Sentences

Re-write my simple sentences at the top of the page using co-ordinating conjunctions to give extra information. 


For example:
The young girl stood on the edge of the forest so she could get a better view of the beautiful building. 

Tuesday - Complex Sentences

Re-write my simple sentences at the top of the page. This time use subordinating conjunctions to extend the sentences and give more detail. Remember, subordinating conjunctions can be used in the middle or at the start of a sentence. 


For example:

She saw the enchanting cottage looming before her as she peered through the leaves of the woodland. 

As she peered through the leaves of the woodland, she saw the enchanting cottage before her. 



Wednesday - Complex Sentences

Using relative clauses is another way of making your sentences more complex. Today, re-write my sentences (again!) but this time improve them by dropping in a relative clause somewhere in the sentence. 


Remember to use commas around the extra bit of information (brackets and dashes can be used too if you want!) 


For example: Her heart, which was banging like a drum, beat rapidly.  

Thursday - Advanced Punctuation

One other way of adding complexity to your sentences is using semi-colons to link sentences that are about the same idea. This is a new skill that we haven't spoken much about before. Follow the link below to find out more about semi-colons and have a go at re-writing my sentences (yes, again!), this time using a semi-colon to add related information. 


For example: Nervously, she took a step towards the house; she wanted to get a closer look. 

Friday - SHOW OFF!

Today I want you to show off all of the skills we've practised this week. 


Write 8 sentences to describe the scene in the picture below (where Harry and Draco first enter the Forbidden Forest!)  BUT....make them great sentences. Use a mixture of coordinting conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, relative clauses and semi-colons to include lots of detail in your writing. Have fun! 



Pick 4 different colour crayons and use them to underline or circle these things in your sentences:

- coordinating conjunctions

- subordinating conjunctions

- relative clauses

- semi-colons

Have you managed to use all four skills?