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Girl of Ink And Stars | Reading Rocks Review

Reading Rocks Review: The Hunger Games


This week, you will be writing your own book review! Watch the videos above to get some inspiration for your own work. Your job today, is to choose the book you are going to write about. Have a hunt through your bookshelf and choose one that you really enjoyed and would like to recommend to others. 


Have a think about what YOU think should be included in a good book review. What information will you need to give? Write a list of features that you will include in your writing. 


Follow the link below:

Watch the video titled 'Lesson 2 – KS1/2 Synopsis (with Frank Cotterell-Boyce)'


Write your own synopsis about your chosen book. Include the following information: 

- Who is the book for? 

- Who are the main characters? 

- Where is the story set? 

- What is going to happen? 


Follow the link below:

Watch the video titled 'Lesson 3 – KS1/2 Highlights (with Liz Pichon)'


Write about the highlights in your chosen book. 

- What was the funniest/most entertaining bit?

- Which part of the book had the biggest impact on you and why? 

- Which are the best characters? 


Follow the link below:

Watch the video titled 'Lesson 4 – KS1/2 Summary (with Liz Pichon)'


Write your own summary about your book. 

- What are your opinions on it? 

- Who would you recommend it to?

- Use a short, sharp sentence for impact. 

- Give it a rating


(The video talks about sharing your book reviews in an assembly - we aren't going to do that! BUT you will have an opportunity tomorrow to present and share your work with the class in whatever way you choose.) 


Follow the link below:

Watch the videos titled 'Lesson 5 – How To Film' and 'Using Adobe Spark to make a simple book review'


Adobe Spark is a fab FREE app that you can download on smart phones and tablets. It's super easy to use (even I can do it!) and it makes your videos look really professional. Ask your parents if they can download it for you and have a go at creating your own Reading Rocks Review video. You might need your parents or siblings to help you film. Why not make it a whole family project?! (If you already have iMovie on your phone or tablet, you could use that instead.)


The great thing about both Adobe Spark and iMovie is that you can email your finished video directly to me from the app. I can't wait to see them! 


If you can't download the app or don't want to film yourself you could present your review in the following ways: 

- Create a PowerPoint presentation

- Create a blog post on Purple Mash 

- Create a poster