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This week, we will be writing debates or discussions, which are all about giving your own opinions on a particular topic. 



Use the PowerPoint to answer the 'Would you rather?' questions. I'm interested to hear your opinions but also your reasons for your choices. For each question, write your answer using this sentence structure: 


I would rather ___________ than __________ because _______________. 


The document below discusses the question: Are school uniform good or bad? This discussion includes lots of different opinions - some in support of school uniforms and some against. Read the text, then split your page in half and write the arguments for school uniform on one side and against on the other. 


Is HOMESCHOOLING Worth It? | The Quick-Fire Write KS2

Watch the video above. Today, I would like you to answer the first two questions: 


1. How would homeschooling be different from going to school?

2. Would you prefer school or homeschooling, and why?


Use ideas from the video as well as your own opinions to write approximately 50 words per question. (You can do more if you need to!) Try to include a few different points for each question and remember to give reasons for your opinions. Use the conjunctions sheet below for interesting ways to start your sentences. We will continue this writing tomorrow. 


Re-watch the video from yesterday. Today I would like you to answer the final two questions:


3. What would the best part of homeschooling be? 

4. How would you change your school life to make it better? 


Again, aim to write about 50 words per question. Use the conjunctions sheet to help your writing 'flow' and make it sound more formal. Remember to give reasons to support your opinions. 



Visit the website below and choose one of the Quick Write topics to discuss. Watch your chosen video and use the question prompts to structure your writing. Aim for 200 words overall. 

Feel free to submit your work to the email address on the Lit Film Fest website, but make sure you get permission from a parent first. As suggested on the website, you could present your ideas in a video using Adobe Spark like last week or simply write or type your answers. I can't wait to hear your opinions! :)