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As sad as I am to say it, the academic year is close to the end.  Although our time together was cut a little short, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all and getting to know you. 


In order for your new teacher to get to know you and see what wonderful writer’s you have all become, you are going to write letters to tell them a little about yourself. 


To start the week and to gather some ideas for your letter, you will be completing a memory book, followed by 3 days of letter writing.  Take time and effort with these letters, they will be your new teacher's first impressions of you - show off your fantastic writing skills! 


Monday and Tuesday

Open and save the PowerPoint to your computer then fill in the pages. Try to include lots of details.  

If you are unable to use a computer to add text to the PowerPoint, you can print it.

Apologies for the 'grade 4' (it's been created by an American and I can't change it!).