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The Lighthouse

Watch the short film below then download the activity pack. There are lots of different activities in the pack. We won't be doing all of them (unless you want to!) 


I will direct you to the activity I would like you to do each day. There is no expectation that you print these out. You should be able to complete the tasks in your workbook (or sketchbook if it involves drawing). 

Lighthouse (Animation)


Lighthouse Comprehension (Page 11) 


Diamonte Poem (Page 6 and 7)

Challenge: After writing your lighthouse poem, write your own diamonte poem about a subject of your choice (Eg: a rainbow, a lion, a footballer)

Wednesday Create a comic strip of the story (Page 14)

Tell the story from when the lamp smashes.

Use the success criteria from Page 12 to make your writing really fab! 


You can choose from the following options:


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