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Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Watch the short film below then download the activity pack...I LOVE this film! There are lots of different activities in the pack. We won't be doing all of them (unless you want to!) 


I will direct you to the activity I would like you to do each day. There is no expectation that you print these out. You should be able to complete the tasks in your workbook (or sketchbook if it involves drawing).

CGI Animated Shorts HD BROKEN Rock, Paper, Scissors


Watch the film for the first time. 

Use the instructions on pages 4 and 5 of the booklet to pause along the way and answer the questions. You can write the answers in your book or just discuss the questions with an adult or sibling as you watch. 


Use page 5 AND page 9.

First look at the emotions words on page 5. Which words do you think relate to each character? Write a list for Rock, Paper and Scissor (You can add your own ideas too)


Now look at page 9. Try to write a summary of the events from each character's point of view. If you think the character is feeling fear in the story, your summary should reflect this. If they are concerned, how can you show that? 

Wednesday Page 11.
Imagine that Scissors survived. Create a WANTED poster to help find him! 

Page 12 and 13. 

Write a setting description from the perspective of one of the characters. Use the example to give you some ideas. 

Challenge: Try to use some of these techniques that we have learned about to create atmosphere and reflect the mood of the character: 




Choose from the following options: 


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