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Home Learning 19/20

Welcome to Class 5! 

Home Learning

Autumn 1

A Greek Feast! 

Class Five had a fantastic time learning about Greek cuisine this week. We worked in teams to prepare our own greek salads. We were able to taste and explore the flavours as well as learning how to safely use different knife techniques. We then tasted lots of different greek dishes including dolmades, olives, feta cheese, tzatziki  and baklava...some of these went down better than others as you can see from our reactions! 

Black History Month

In October, we celebrated Black History Month by learning about inspiration people such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King who fought for equality for black people throughout history. We were shocked this week to hear about incidents of racism that still occur in football matched. We were inspired by Martin Luther King to write our own 'I have a dream' speeches to address this. Follow the links below to see our passionate and persuasive writing.

Investigating Friction
This half term we have been learning about forces. Today we investigated the force of friction - a force which slows an object down. We measured how far a toy car would travel along different surfaces and found that bumpier surfaces created more friction, which slowed the car down. What other forces can you name?

Autumn 1 - Where will our journey take us?

During this half term, we will be travelling around the continent of Europe and learning about different cultures and ways of life. We will focus particularly on Greece and compare similarities and differences between Greece and life here, in the UK. 


In English, we will be working on the brilliant, wordless picture book: Journey by Aaron Becker. We will use this to inspire our own magical journey adventure stories.