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Year 6

Welcome to the Class Six page!

Our Year 6 teacher is Mr Thompson



The Firework Maker's Daughter

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For useful information about what we are learning about in Year 6. Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find documents and links which will help you and your child stay 'on top' of Year 6!


Link for Abacus maths homework: 

User names and passwords should be stuck into children's planners. School code, if prompted, is 96LM

Please note, all user names and passwords are case sensitive

SATs info evening presentation

2017 Key Stage 2 tests video.mp4

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WW2 expressive Dance/ Drama

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After learning about the Blitz and the Battle of Britain, we worked together as a class to create an expressive dance to tell the story of an Air Raid. The dance takes you on a journey from an "everyday" scene of people going about their daily lives. This day is shattered by the shrill of the air raid sirens. The community run to take cover in their Anderson Shelters and some public shelters (which has an Air Raid Warden counting the public to ensure they don't exceed the capacity of the shelter).
The German bombers then arrive on the scene, moving slowly across the sky. The anti-aircraft crews are busily winching up the barrage balloons and then bravely manning the guns. The Bombers continue on their journey and begin to shower the city below with bombs; there is a great deal of damage. Would the civilians survive the raid?
Spitfires to the rescue! The German bombers are joined in the sky by the RAF fighters which give chase. One bomber is shot down by a gunner crew and the other is brought down by the Spitfire.
The 'All Clear' sounds and people tentatively emerge from their shelters. The fire crews begin to scurry around the city- checking on the shelters and putting out the fires which burn around them.
Some people have survived the raid unscathed; not everyone was so lucky...

Look at our beautiful, WW2 silhouette art work!

A huge well done to the 18 members of Year 6 that competed in the local Family of Schools Sports Hall athletics competition this week (01/11/16). The children behaved beautifully and were a fine example of what Trowell C of E expects from it's children. After some fantastic performances in the relays and a great effort in the field events, we finished 3rd! An amazing achievement which we are all very proud of! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who helped with lifts and support; we couldn't have done it without you!

Last photo of the week (One of my favourites!)

Last photo of the week (One of my favourites!) 1
We've made it! All very excited!!
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To prepare for our week away, we wrote recipe poems. Here are three of the poems which the children voted for as being some great examples of our work.

Rock Uk Recipe Poem

You will need:

1 cup of courage and excitement

A sprinkle of teamwork

A large dash of determination

175g of nervousness

A dollop of whipped trust or sticky self confidence

2 x spoonful of fun

2-4 cups of friendship

A teaspoon of fear

200g of good times.


First, you must pour the courage and excitement into a small mixing bowl and find a seat on the bus. On the way, add one spoonful of fun and mix carefully. Sieve in the nervousness while mixing. When you arrive, add a bit of fear and let it sit for five minutes until firm, while you explore. When ready, knead the dough while sprinkling in the remaining fun as you unpack, in your room. Add the required amount of fear for your first challenge. In a separate bowl, mix together your trust and friendship and evenly brush the mixture over your remaining activities. Make sure you add the teamwork so that you and your friends stick together. When you reach the hardest challenge, thoroughly stir in the determination. Finally, get back on the bus and, as you leave the site, sprinkle on the good times. Let it bake until you lose sight of Rock Uk, and voila! Your residential is done!


By Poppy Barker, Year 6

Rock Uk Recipe Poem


100g of laughter, 10g of trust, bucket full of teamwork, rucksack full og courage, 10g of laughter, 20g of friendship, 10g of bravery and a loving bowl to serve.


Take a suitcase full of laughter and a rucksack full of courage. Sprinkle on a bit of trust and a bucket full of teamwork. Don’t forget to add a laugh, then blend it together until it’s done. Meanwhile, add a little friendship. Then it’s time to add the fun, your almost done. Pour it into a loving bowl and bake it in the oven. Your recipe is done when it starts to go pink. Let it cool down and then sprinkle n some bravery. Cut it up and serve on the plates. This should be an excellent residential.


Miller, Year 6

Rock Uk Recipe Poem


Happiness, trust, determination, hope, teamwork, energy, a mix of courage and bravery, fun, confidence, laughter, adrenaline and an awesome class.


Step 1- Place your pupils (see How to make a perfect class for details) into a large bowl. Add happiness and trust and fold in gently with a spatula.

Step 2- Next, sprinkle in some hope, teamwork and energy. Serve with 90g of determination.

Step 3- Tip in bravery, a bag of fun and confidence, and mix all of the items together and bake,

Step 4- For the topping, mix adrenaline and laughter until creamy.

Step 5- Last, but not least, spread the topping on and eat!


Made this recipe perfect? Write and send a picture to our team!


Olivia Morgan, Year 6

Rock UK Frontier Centre

Promo video- I can't wait!

To link in with our Superheroes unit, we've "cartoonized" our pictures for a display...some superb, simmering, superhero faces here!

What a great first day! It has been lovely getting to know the children and seeing them in the full flow of a busy school day! We started a short unit on Superheroes and the genre of Graphic Novels. As a part of this unit, the children enjoyed designing their own superheroes to "Save the day!" This website proved very popular with the children so I thought i'd share it with you so the children can continue to enjoy it at home.


Start of a new (academic) year!


I am so excited to start my time at Trowell C of E and I can't wait to get started with some exciting topics and lessons. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the Summer Holidays and has had a well earned break so you are all ready to hit the ground running in year 6!


I wanted to write to you to give you some extra information about the way year 6 will work and also to let you know what we will be covering in school this term.

Our curriculum this term will focus around WW2. We will be learning about the history of the war, the impact this war had on the people of Europe and how the war was “fought” at home. This will be a very cross curricular unit which will spread over Literacy, Science, D.T and Art.


Important information


  • Your child has been given a planner. This planner is intended to help communication between School and home and also to help your child develop their independence and organisational skills. Please help your child with this by encouraging it’s use, recording your 4 reads and checking and signing the planner weekly.
  • P.E. will take place on a Wednesday and a Friday. At least one of these sessions will be outdoors so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather- If you’re unsure on the required PE kit, please see your child’s planner for more information.
  • On Thursdays I will be out of class. Mrs Asbury will be covering the class on these days.


Year 6 dates for your diary


  • Meeting for parents regarding Rock UK residential- Monday 12th September, 3.40pm – 4.10pm
  • Rock UK residential- Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September.

Look out for further, wider school, dates in the newsletter.

Mr. Thompson.