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Trowell Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Overview



Trowell C of E Curriculum Statement

June 2019


At Trowell C of E, we follow the National Curriculum, however we do so in a way that is unique to our own unique school.  We believe that, like every school, Trowell C of E has its own unique ‘DNA’, and thus we have devised a curriculum vision that is tailored to our locality, Christian values, and of course our children.


In devising the curriculum, we identified the following significant factors pertinent to our individual school:

  • Pupils generally achieve in line with or above national averages for Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • A greater number of pupils could achieve Greater Depth in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • The achievement of boys in Reading and Writing is below that of girls; the achievement of girls in Mathematics is generally below that of boys.
  • There is an increasing number of pupils with SEND or who present with social and emotional challenges.
  • We are a Church of England school.
  • The percentage of pupils who identify as Christian is 49%
  • The local community is predominantly white-British, and there is a lack of cultural diversity within the school.
  • Pupils come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, and there is a low percentage of pupils who are identified as disadvantaged.
  • The school is not yet successful enough at working in partnership with parents.
  • Many children lack independence and resilience, particularly when presented with failure or disappointment.
  • Pupils’ skills in ICT require improvement.


In response to these factors, staff experience and research on what constitutes effective teaching and learning, we have devised a curriculum vision for our school.  Each subject and year group delivers a curriculum that is conversant with this vision.


Trowell C of E Curriculum Vision

At Trowell C of E, our vision is to provide a curriculum that:

  • is challenging for all pupils
  • is fun and provides memorable experiences
  • promotes creativity and opportunities for practical/’hands-on’ experiences
  • is knowledge-rich and provides children with a breadth of knowledge about the world
  • works in harmony with our Christian ethos and values
  • promotes a growth mindset and pupil wellbeing
  • promotes independence and resilience
  • promotes social skills and a sense of community
  • is manageable within a safe workload for staff
  • is enriched with experiences that reduce disadvantage
  • is culturally diverse and promotes knowledge and tolerance of different faiths
  • enables pupils to learn about their unique locality
  • develops pupils with ICT and other skills that they need to succeed in the modern world
  • provides opportunities for working in partnership with parents and the community