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SIAMS Reports

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 we received our SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools). We are delighted that the report identifies the strong Christian values of the school and the way children are taught and cared for at Trowell C of E Primary. Please click on the link below for the full report. 

Summer 2019 Update


As a Church of England school, we are continually refreshing our approaches to providing children with opportunities to share an encounter with Jesus and embrace our school's core Christian values.


Here is a sample of some of the changes we have made so far in 2019!


  • At the beginning of collective worship, each class brings a lit candle and these are collected together at the front of the hall.  The candles are symbolic of us all coming together, and of Jesus' declaration "I am the light of the world."
  • We have refreshed our school entrance/library to better reflect our core Christian values.  When entering the school, you will now see our core values displayed proudly, alongside linked Bible verses.  Furthermore, we have enriched our environment by displaying our responses to Bible stories, such as our wonderful Creation display in the school hall, and recently our 'What would you put in the Ark?' display.
  • In each classroom, you will find a Reflection Corner.  This is a place for children to respond to the weekly Big Question (see below) and write their own prayers.
  • Each week, we have a whole-school Big Question.  This question is ethical/spiritual in nature, and encourages children to reflect on our core Christian values in response to a Bible story.
  • Daily Collective Worship now focuses on Bible stories told in chronological order.  This has been done so as to improve children's understanding of the 'big picture' of the Bible, and how key themes progress.  
  • We now have a dedicated singing Collective Worship every Wednesday!
  • Children now play an increasingly larger role in Collective Worship.  They come to the front to act out parts, share their own prayers, and lead aspects of Collective Worship.  We also celebrate their own achievements daily to bring to the fore 'Life in all it's Fullness'
  • On Thursday 6th June, we took part in Thy Kingdom Come.  Our church partners led a number of events that encouraged children to reflect upon and take part in prayer in varying ways, such as by listening to music, handling natural objects, and discussing a story.  We had a special mention at the Thy Kingdom Come church service at Trent Vineyard!
  • We have had whole-school curriculum events, such as our Creation week, where children produced writing and art work centred around Creation. This kicked off our chronological journey through the Bible.