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Homework will be given out on Fridays and handed in the following Friday.  This will consistent three elements weekly:

  • Maths homework
  • English homework
  • Spellings to learn


Periodically, normal homework may be suspended to allow for ‘project’ based homework.


Homework can be handed in on any day during the week.  Should your child forget their homework, they will be able to bring this in the following Monday.  Should your child regularly miss their weekly homework deadline, they may be asked to complete this at lunchtimes or after the school day in the classroom.  Should your child need help with homework, we are more than happy to provide guidance in school.


Maths homework will be set from the Target Your Maths Practice Workbook.  This is a bought resource and each child will receive a copy.  Should your child lose their copy, they must pay £2.60 for this to be replaced.  English homework will use a normal school homework book.


The target score for a spelling test is 8/10.  Any child who scores less than 8/10 will reattempt the words they spelt incorrectly the following Monday (for example, if a child scores 7/10, they will only be retested on the 3 words they did not spell correctly).  This should be seen as a learning opportunity rather than a punishment.  Should your child score less than 8/10 twice on the same test, they will receive additional support with the words in school.  Children will once again be able to play Spelling Shed games as part of their homework.