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Homework will be given out on Fridays and handed in the following Friday.  This will be either English or Maths homework, or both. Homework will primarily be set using the CGP books provided for children - children are expected to look after these. Any lost books will need to be replaced by children themselves.  Homework may relate to the learning in class in a given week, or be a form of revision of prior learning.


Children will earn rewards for completing homework and handing it in on time. All children must complete set homework - this is an essential part of preparation for secondary school. Please contact me via email in the event of any unusual circumstances which interfere with homework.


Periodically, normal homework may be suspended to allow for ‘project’ based homework.


In the run up to SATs tests, homework may be set more frequently.


Should your child forget their homework, they will be able to bring this in the following Monday.  Should your child regularly miss their weekly homework deadline, they may be asked to complete this at lunchtimes or after the school day in the classroom.  Should your child need help with homework, we are more than happy to provide guidance in school.


Children will no longer be required to practise spellings at home or prepare for a weekly spelling test. All KS2 spelling activities will take place in school as part of our new approach to the teaching of spelling.