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Reading in Year 1


We encourage the children to complete 4 reads a week. Please make time to sit with your child for 5-10 minutes each time; Discuss the story together- talk about the characters, their feelings, the plot, their favourite parts, what will happen next. Encourage them to use their phonics and sound out any unfamiliar words.  It’s invaluable to teachers to know that your child is receiving support from home in their reading, so please do remember to acknowledge by signing and adding comments in their school  diary.


Changing Books


Books will be changed once a week whereby we will collect books from the children, change them after school and pass them back the next day. 



Fun Places to read a book!


Here are 5 ideas for fun places to read aloud:

  1. At the breakfast table. A captive audience is more likely to listen, right? Even the most ordinary breakfast is more special if there’s a good story to go along with it.
  2. Take it outside. Spread a blanket under a tree and enjoy a picture book. When the story is over, your little one can run off to play.
  3. In a pillow fort. Your child will be thrilled if you join him in a super-secret spot made of couch cushions and blankets. When you’re done reading, leave them with a pile of books and he may choose to keep looking at pictures on his own.
  4. In the bathtub. Choose a story and act it out with some bath toys. Your child will think you’re the best parent ever!
  5. Under the table. Make a tent by using a large sheet over the table.