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Curriculum Themes



Each curriculum subject is taught discretely, however each term there will be an underlying theme which is studied over a number of different curriculum areas. A guide to termly themes is below:


Autumn 1:  Should it be called history or herstory? The role of women in history.

Autumn 2:  Were the world wars won for women or by women?  Women in WW1 and WW2.

Spring 1:  Are we similar or different from those who live far away?  North America/Mexico focus study.

Spring 2:   What did the Ancient Mayans give to the world?  

Summer:  Who am I becoming?  Transition focus.


Each term, an overview will be provided on this page.  Termly curriculum themes encompass some aspects of the curriculum, and thus many subject areas interrelate across a term.  However, each term some subjects will be taught independently of the main theme to ensure full curriculum coverage (eg Maths, PE, RE, some Science).

Curriculum Maps

Autumn 1

Autumn 2