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Trowell C of E Curriculum Vision - PE

At Trowell C of E, all aspects of school life centre around our four core values.  These values are the backbone of the school.  They encompass our expectations of all members of our school community, and our ultimate goal for all the children we teach.  They can be seen in our relationships, expectations, routines, policies and our curriculum.  The key aims of our curriculum are promoted through our PE curriculum in the following ways:



Love Others











All children are encouraged to participate in PE showing honesty and kindness to others. Strong relationships should be cultivated in PE particularly in regard to competitive activities.


Opportunities for parents sharing sporting expertise is welcomed and encouraged.


Through team sports the children are taught to be patient and show empathy.


Respect for others through sport and stereotypes are challenged to ensure that all can participate and succeed.


An annual Sports Day enables children to be to participate in competitive races alongside a further event with children participating collaboratively.




Aim High







All children are to have access the full PE curriculum. We want all children to have a minimum of two hours of PE a week.


A key aim of our curriculum is for all children to be able to swim 25 metres by the end of Year 6. This is seen as an essential life skill.


All children including those with SEND have the opportunity to take pride in their achievements and ensure they can succeed in PE and Sport.


Lessons are adapted where needed to ensure that all children are able to access the curriculum.


Disadvantaged children to have key priority in accessing extra-curricular activities.


We want all children to achieve their very best in PE through celebrating sporting excellence both inside and outside of school. Children at Trowell C of E should recognise the value and honour of representing the school in different sporting events and competitions.



Believe We Can Do It






Through the teaching of PE, we want the children to show determination and a self-belief in PE and Sport.


Children’s attitude and determination in PE is celebrated and valued equally with skill and achievement. A growth mindset is encouraged when trying new sports and activities.


Year 6 residential is focused on adventurous activities that challenge children and promote resilience.


We want to engender resilience in PE and Sport and for the children to understand that practice is key to improvement in PE and Sport. 


Well-being is cultivated through PE units such as Yoga and through physical activity.


As much as possible, all children are given the opportunity to represent the school. School teams are selected from both skill, determination and attitude.



Do The Right Thing









Sportsmanship is recognised as an important skill with children learning to be magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.


Children understand the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Through units of PE there is a focus on diversity that ensures other cultures are represented and celebrated.