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Our learning in Summer 1

On this page, you will find our knowledge organisers for certain subjects and an overview of what we are learning about this half term.



We will be re-writing the story of 'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson and thinking about the different rhyming patterns throughout the story.


We will also be using the short film 'Something Fishy' and looking at different types of poetry over the duration of the half term. 



We will be learning about fractions and how to find fractions of an amount.

We will also be learning how to tell the time using o'clock, past the hour and 5 minute intervals. 



We will be learning a range of the following letter sound correspondences and spelling rules:


/or/ as or, au, aw, al, ar, a, our, ore, oor, augh

/ur/ as ur, er, ir, 

/ou/ as ou, ow

/oi/ as oi, oy



Take a look at our overview attached



Take a look at our overview attached 



Take a look at our overview attached



We will be covering Gymnastics and Target Games.



We will be continuing our learning on Jewish celebrations and stories. We will also be looking at other important religious stories from different faiths. 



We will developing our painting skills such as colour mixing and other techniques to create different effects to produce our own animal artwork. 



We will be learning about what staying safe means and how our bodies change.